Thoughts on Asiana Flight that crashed on Saturday

When I fly to Japan, I’ll be on a 777, much like the plane that just crashed at SFO. It makes me think about flying again.

On Saturday, a flight on Asiana Airlines crash landed at SFO, killing two people and injuring many others.  The investigation is still ongoing, but it appears the plane came in too short and too slow, causing the plane to crash and sending it sliding down the runway.

While Asiana Airlines and SFO are probably not on my travel schedule, seeing a plane like the 777 crash land is a cold reminder about the reality of flying.  I use to be deathly afraid of flying and heights in general.  Heck, even standing up on a ladder scares me to no end.  It hasn’t been till recently in the last few years that I’ve been able to fly.

I’ve flown to NYC twice, Denver, Atlanta, and Houston twice, getting more comfortable each time and not jumping each time there is a little turbulence on the flight.  But, seeing a plane this size, the same type of plane I’ll be flying into Japan, and seeing what happened because of an error, does bring some of those fears back into me.

I know there would be nothing I could do and the vast majority of flights every day happen without incident, it does wake me up even more.  Before I leave next May, I will make sure that all my itinerary information is with my parents and friends so if something unthinkable like this happened, they would know where I was at what time.  Just something else to think about.


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