Is an airline credit card worth the hassle?

I currently have a rewards credit card that will come in handy and will probably pay for a hotel room in Kyoto (once sister leaves).  But, for the flight there and back, I wonder if a airline specific credit card would be beneficial.  

Most credit cards have points that can be used for upgrades, in-flight discounts, priority boarding, and other other little perks that can make a long flight great. Having some of these little comforts would make my long, 14 hour trek across the Pacific more bearable (first time flying international), but is the hassle of getting the points and dealing with high fees worth it?

One card for example is the Delta Skymiles credit card from American Express.  There is an annual fee of $95 that is waived the first year and the rates are about average for any rewards credit card.  The major perks for this card are priority boarding, free checked bags, chance to get into Delta Sky Club for only $25 (better than sitting on the floor near your gate), and the big bonus, 30,000 Skymiles.  Now these miles are only available if you spend at least $500 during the first three months you own the card.  With prices for gas, groceries, and basic bills, that wouldn’t be hard to do.  There are other credit cards like United, that have more miles for spending more money in the first three months, but I’m a fan of United these days.

So my question is, if I decide to fly with Delta, for example, would getting a credit card with them be worth it?  The bonus points probably wouldn’t get me a free flight, but would they get me an upgrade? Would those little perks be beneficial and worth getting for the flight?  I could get the card, get the miles, use it up, then cancel the card after trip.  But, I want to know what you think.  Please share your thoughts.


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