More thoughts on an airline credit card

I want to be on this plane!

This is a follow up to that last post about the pros and cons of an airline credit card.  If I get a card, it would be a domestic carrier, either American, Delta, or United.  These are the best airline options that operate out of the US and fly into Tokyo (Narita or Haneda).  However, there is another option for flights into Japan, both Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airlines (ANA). 

JAL and ANA are the two major airlines that operate in Japan and have a long and great reputation as being on time, safe, and reliable carriers.  If I were to book with one of them, say ANA for example, the domestic part of my trip would be through a domestic carrier like United.  The second leg of the trip would be on an ANA flight and hopefully baggage would be transferred from one airline to the other without a headache (I just want my bag to get to Tokyo when I do).  The price for ANA is actually the same for most of the domestic carriers.

If I do this, then I wouldn’t need a domestic airline credit card.  The real issue is which flight/airline will my sister be taking during this trip and do we plan on trying to be on the same flight from the US to Tokyo. If she wants to be on the same flight to Tokyo, she may not want to fly on ANA or JAL.   Do the Skymiles and bonuses make it more reasonable to stick with domestic airlines and not even look at the foreign lines? More stuff to think about!


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