How long will we be in Tokyo: Sorting the number of days

Communication with my sister on planning this trip has been slow at best.  She is super busy and it is still a ways out, but I’m always over zealous and always eager to get things planned.  So I’ve sent her a few emails (not pressuring her) and have gotten a general idea of how long she can and wants to spend in Japan.  9 days.My sister is pretty busy.  Family with 2 kids, full time job, her schedule is always booked.  So, taking a long trip especially across the world, requires her to make some major adjustments to her daily home life and does lead to a strain.  She wants to spend all the time she can on a bucketlist-style trip, but she can only take it so far before she has to return home.

So 9 days seems to be the magic number.  The only problem with that is, 4 of those days will be in the air.  If we leave on the 17th, we arrive on the 18th, sometime late in the afternoon.  If we land at Narita, it’s an hour from the hotel, plus going through customs and battling jet lag, that day will pretty much be shot.  After that, we would have a full week to explore and enjoy Tokyo, but the thoughts of Kyoto and even Osaka are out the door.

If we tried to go to Kyoto for a day or two days, it would cut down what we could see in Tokyo and would limit what we could do in Kyoto.  We would be on a time crunch and this is something I won’t have.  This is a vacation and should be relaxing, not stressing when we have to catch the next train back to the airport to get home on time.

So this leaves me with two plans.  One, I can simply go with my sister, enjoy a week in Tokyo and truly take in the city or, after she has to leave, I can take my time with a few extra days (I have two weeks off to vacation) and make a short trip to Kyoto myself and then leave after a few extra days.  Just another thing to think about.


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