Keeping an eye on Fukushima Dai-ichi situation

TEPCO keeps saying things are fine, I’m not buying it.

There are a lot of safety concerns whenever you are traveling and with an overseas trip, they are even greater.  Japan has the threats of earthquakes and tsunamis, but one threat that I’ve been following for awhile is the Fukushima nuclear plant and the radiation concerns that go with it.

The Fukushima plant was damaged back in 2011 when a powerful tsunami devastated parts of the northern coast of Japan.  The plant has been dealing with overheating issues, radiation leaks into the ocean, and trying to keep the entire thing from melting down.  A new article on Yahoo that came out today mentioned that steam was seen rising from one of the cooling tanks, although the workers and administration at the site said everything was normal. While TEPCO says all is fine, who are they trying to fool?  Thousands still can’t return to their homes, the area is still devastated near the plant, and radiation levels in the ocean near the plant are higher than ever before.

While visiting Tokyo does not put us directly in harms way of the plant, it is still something to watch.  The radiation that is getting into the ocean does affect the marine life, which is a major part of the Japanese way of life.  It is a reality that Japanese people are facing all the time and something that we will have to face when we land.

2 thoughts on “Keeping an eye on Fukushima Dai-ichi situation

  1. Yeah, it is a scary situation. TEPCO seems to keep saying everything is fine yet just looking at the situation, it can’t be just fine. The plant is far enough away from Tokyo that we shouldn’t be affected, but it is still too close for comfort.

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