Going to see a Sumo wrestling match!

I hope we can catch a match!

I’v been talking airfare and working with my sister for a bit, time to start talking about some of the sites we want to see when we are visiting there.  One of the big ones, and I use this term accordingly, is to see a Sumo wrestling match.

The tourist agency site, JapanIcan, has a special that allows you to witness a live wrestling match and one of the specials will allow you to eat dinner, chanko style.  This style of food is served in a big bowl (usually in a broth) that has meat, vegetables, noodles, egg, and other items to make it a huge meal.  It is a style the sumo themselves feast on after a match.  How do you think they get so big?

I’m really looking forward to it, if we are able to book the show.  From what I can tell, the matches are typically seasonal  (spring, winter, etc.) and we will be arriving in May, sort of an in between month for the seasons.  We may not be in time to catch one of the matches, which would be a bummer.


4 thoughts on “Going to see a Sumo wrestling match!

  1. You’ll love it! I went to Japan in May last year and went along to see the a few matches late one afternoon (blogging about it all soon actually!). They really are fascinating and full to the brim with tradition. Some of the fights are over pretty quickly but it’s fantastic if you get to see one with two great competitors. Purely by chance, we stood next to a couple in their robes having a meal at the arena – such impressive people.

  2. That sounds awesome and I hope we get that lucky to be close to them. I’ve read that most tournaments are held in different seasons. Since we are going in May, kind of in between the Sakura festivals during the spring and before the rainy summer season, I hope they are still being held at that time.

  3. I was there mid-May (in Tokyo) and they had matches on (think they were pre-tournament) – hopefully it’s the same for you! Such an exciting trip ahead – Japan is brilliant.

  4. Ah fantastic, I hope it is. I really want to take one in and see all the pageantry that goes on during them.

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