Allow myself to introduce myself

I’ve noticed a lot of fellow bloggers, travel fans, and others have been reading, commenting, and “liking” my posts and I greatly appreciate all of the interaction and readership.  I figured I should do a little post to introduce myself.  I have a little about me section at the top of blog, but a quick post might be quicker to read.

My name is Matt Staton, I’m 26 and live in Tampa, FL (USA).  I’m part Japanese and have always been fascinated with Japanese culture, from food to the language, it has always been something that has interested me.  I originally planned this trip several years ago, but college and financial reasons put a stop to it.  After a while, I decided I wanted to make this happen and have been saving my pennies and working hard to make it a reality.

The trip is planned for May 17th through May 25th, a full week in Tokyo.  While I won’t be visiting during Sakura, I will be avoiding the rainy seasons.  I will be traveling with my sister who lives out in Houston, so it will be a fun trip and a unique experience to share with her while overseas.  This is my first time flying out of the United States, which makes me nervous and excited.

I decided to create this blog for three reasons.  For one, I wanted to create a digital scrapbook, posting memories and stories that occur during the planning process and during the trip it self.  The second, to create an online place for me to post my thoughts, rants, frustrations and overall through process while planning the trip.  The third, to connect and interact with people that have traveled overseas, live in Japan, or just have thoughts on things I talk about.

So as I get closer to the travel date, there will be more and more posts.  While in Japan, I will try to update my statuses, add photos, and share the experience and when I get back, the little blog will have even more.

So thanks for reading so far and hope you continue to do so as I continue to prepare for this incredible trip.

5 thoughts on “Allow myself to introduce myself

  1. I will do the best I can. I’m only half Japanese, so a lot of it is still new to me but I will talk more about the culture, sites, etc. as I get closer and learn more. Thank you always for comments and adding great insight.

  2. Well, I wasn’t sure how much connection you had to your Japanese heritage, but since you have an interest, too, I’m sure I can pick up a few things via your blog.

  3. I’ll try to share all I know, but it’s a big time learning curve for me. I’ve picked up a few things from my father and grandmother over time, but still have a lot to learn.

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