What is Chankonabe?

As I mentioned yesterday, we want to see a sumo wrestling match while we are in Japan.  As part of the tour deal, we have the option of having a chankonabe style dinner afterwards.  But that raises a very good question, what on earth is chankonabe?

After a little research, chankonabe is a style of stew that is often served in one big dish.  It is typically a chicken broth based stew with pieces of chicken (skin still on), seafood (often rolled into balls), tofu, and an assortment of vegetables that are all cooked together.  The dish is often eaten with rice and washed down with beer all in order to put down as many calories and grams of protein possible for the sumo wrestlers.

While we won’t be trying to gain that much weight while we are over there, I’m excited to try this style of food.  I’m a fairly picky eater, not possessing a wide range of flavors and types of food I like, but this is something that sounds really good.  I can’t wait to give it a try and enjoy the traditional meal that the big guys in the wrestling circle feast on.


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