Fukushima sounds like it is getting worse in Japan

While at lunch the other day, I decided to browse the articles on Yahoo and what do I find, more bad news for the Fukushima power plant.

The Fukushima power plant has been a huge concern for the country of Japan and despite the reports from Tepco saying they have it under control, the evidence is pointing to major issues.  In this new article, it sounds like the radioactive water is tainting the groundwater, going over the boundaries that are meant to keep it contained, and spilling over into the ocean as well.

I’ve talked about this issue before when I first started this blog and now, I’m back at it because it is something to be very concerned about.  These reports continue to get worse and it seems Tepco is trying to cover it up and act like everything is going to be alright.  The fact is, the entire Fukushima area is still abandoned and now the ocean, the key food provider to Japan with all of the seafood, is being poisoned by this radioactive water that is leaking out.

Tokyo is about 150 miles away from the plant and where all this craziness is going on.  For prospective, that is about the distance from Tampa to the Daytona Beach area, across the state of Florida.  It’s several hours away by car, but still way to close for comfort.

As someone who will be traveling to Tokyo in less than a year, how is this affecting people in Tokyo and the surrounding area?  I’m hoping someone on the internet can give me a little more information, hopefully coming straight from someone who lives over there right now.  I would like to get your take on it and how it is sitting with the people of Japan.


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