Kirin Beer: A favorite of mine

Like anyone, I love a good cold beer.  There are tons of choices out there, but one of them is near and dear to my heart, Kirin Beer.  Kirin, one of the oldest breweries in Japan is imported to the US and has become a beer of choice for myself.

The brewery was founded way back in 1885 and currently runs in the Shibuya area of Tokyo.  The beer itself is very good.  It has a little bit of a bitter taste at first sip, but goes down smooth and brings you back for another drink.

There are probably going to be a lot of different beers and other drinks over in Japan that I have to try, sake being a big one.  But for my tastes, I hope to get my hands on a few Kirin beers while I’m over there and should probably look up tours of the brewery if they are offered.

Check out this little commercial I found that comes from 1994, starring Harrison Ford.  Strange right?

Then here are several commercials together with Sylvester Stallone and titled “Together Kirin can Beer” gotta love the old commercials.


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