68th anniversary of Nagasaki

A couple of days ago marked the 68th anniversary of the atomic bomb being dropped on the city of Nagasaki.  68 years ago, the US dropped the most powerful weapon in the world on that town, just days after they bombed Hiroshima.

The mayor of Nagasaki made it a point to criticize the Japanese government for not signing an agreement with at least 80 other countries to never use nuclear or atomic weapons on another country.

It is an interesting time for Japan and its stance on nuclear power and weapons.  While the Japanese want to have a powerful military to protect itself, they are under pressure from other nations to step down from having nuclear arms and more importantly, the nuclear meltdown that is happening in Fukushima is another issue that is continually angering the Japanese people.  It is a very interesting crossroads the Japanese people find themselves in with nuclear technology and reality of how dangerous it truly is.

For myself, I find it very fascinating and concerning on both sides of it.  I’m part Japanese myself so understanding the damage done by the atomic bomb is very real to me but on the other side of things, my other grandfather fought in WWII.  He fought on the US side in the Pacific theater and dealt with unknown hardships during his career, so while I am saddened by the atomic bombs being dropped, I also know the toll it took on the American soldiers during that time.

I hope the Japanese government will continue to eliminate the nuclear weapons and listen to what the people are crying out for.  Having the arms to defend themselves is important, but when the weapons and the technology are causing issues in the country, there is a problem here.  Resolution is needed.


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