The hotel we are staying at while in Tokyo

Originally when I was planning this trip, I was going to go by myself to Tokyo and looked at several options for my hotel.  I looked at hotels in the Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Chiyoda areas and came across several that were highly rated and recommended by other travelers. One of the hotels I wanted to stay at was the Shinjuku Washington hotel, but with my sister along now, she is pulling out all the stops for our hotel.

My sister is booking the hotel for the Courtyard Tokyo Gina Hotel by Marriott.  Marriott, one of the largest and most upscale hotels has this one located in one of the most expensive areas in not only the country, but the world.  Ginza is a very upscale area that is known for his expensive retail stores, nightlife, and overall high-end style.

Now the hotels I looked at during the beginning were nice, but not as nice as this one.  It has a shuttle service that can possibly pick me and my sister up from Narita for about $50, making it a little easier than lugging everything to a bus or waiting for the train, then having to leave Tokyo Station and make our way to Ginza.  If all the plans hold together, it will be very nice accommodations during our stay.


6 thoughts on “The hotel we are staying at while in Tokyo

  1. I think it will be the best way to go. I just have to make sure they would be able to pick me up after going through passport and customs. I wonder how long that process takes at Narita?

  2. Good point and only an hour? That doesn’t sound bad at all. I figure if my flight landed at 4:25 (Japan time), I should be through customs and such by around 6 PM.

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