Decision time, which airline do I fly?

I’ve done enough research looking at airlines and figuring which ones are reasonable and which are not.  American Airlines continues to be one of the higher priced airlines and I’m trying to save a few dollars.  Air Canada only has flights that come after an 18 hour layover in Toronto.  No offense to Canada, but I’m traveling West, not north of the border. 

I could fly Japan Airlines (JAL) or All Nippon Airlines (ANA) but the domestic carriers are usually provided by Jet Blue or other domestic partners before transferring over to the JAL or ANA airplanes.  I’m not leaning towards these two airlines either due to the fact my luggage has to be taken off of a domestic plane (like Jet Blue) and put onto the JAL or ANA airplane.  I know they do this all the time, but I worry way to much and don’t want to risk them making a mistake at my cost.

I know I’ll be laughed at for that reasoning for not leaning towards JAL or ANA, but what can I say, it’s a mental block for me.  With that said, it comes down to two domestic airlines that fly international: United Airlines or Delta.  Both airlines are about the same price ($1590 or so) and both offer the same types of layovers and variety of connecting airports, so I can figure out the best one for me.  But which one do I pick?

Recently I flew to Houston on United and pleased overall for the quality service, but on the flight home, I was delayed 3 hours and was given no reason for it.  After bugging the people at the desk, I found out they had a flight crew, but didn’t have a plane for our flight and had to wait for one, which was late, to come in from Oklahoma.  It made for a long and frustrating time and kind of put United in my dog house a bit.  I’ve flown Delta twice in my life and both times I have great flights and no delays.  The only problem I can see for them is Atlanta airport being their central hub and dealing with that airport and trying to get to my connecting flight will probably be a nightmare.

So I turn to the internet to find out from people that have flown international, which one is better, United or Delta? Which one will be the better option? For the international haul I want an aisle seat and would love to have some kind of power plug in for a laptop or tablet, but both airlines probably have that.  So which one do people prefer out there?

(I’ve posted stuff before on picking airlines, airports, etc. but that was on the older blog.  Thought I’d start fresh on the new one)


2 thoughts on “Decision time, which airline do I fly?

  1. Not coming from the US, I have little experience with the airlines you name (and have thus only heard the complaints). (JAL and ANA are fine choices, btw. I’ve only lost baggage once and it was only for a few hours, so no problem – and there was a major disruption to the flight where we were all transferred to a different airline so it wasn’t a normal flight. Ask me about the time I packed the whole family’s clothes except mine, though – still survived 🙂 – these are the things that form part of the adventure.)

    But anyway, I’m not going to try to convince you, but there are only two things I think about with airlines. 1. Price. 2. Safety record. Oh, and 3. the exact schedule, I guess. And to be honest the safety records are usually all good, with only a couple of outliers here and there (none that you’ve mentioned, that I know). So all this is to say as long as they get you there, I wouldn’t overthink this part. (There are plenty of other parts to overthink.)

  2. Thank as always for giving me some great insight. Didn’t pack any clothes for yourself? That sounds like a nightmare.

    For the prices, Delta and United are the best and trying to save a few bucks, they are the better options over JAL, ANA, and American, so they are the two. United seems to have a worse track records just with overall scheduling and being on time, so I think I’m leaning towards Delta at this stage.

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