Volcano near Kagoshima erupts

Japan sits on the ring of fire in the Pacific ocean and a reminder of its location happened over the weekend as a volcano just outside of the city of Kagoshima erupted.  Mt. Sakurajima sent ash and dust into the sky, which blanketed the city but didn’t cause any serious damage or harm to anyone in the city.  Kagoshima is fairly far away from Tokyo, roughly 13 hours via train to reach the city to the far west (over 900 miles).

While this eruption has little to no affect on Tokyo or our trip in less than a year, it is a reminder about how volatile mother nature can be, especially when volcanoes are all around.  Since I live in Florida, the only major fear we deal with all the time is hurricanes.  Each summer we stare down the barrel of all the storms that come off the coast of Africa.  For Japan, they have to deal with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other natural events, thing we don’t have to deal with in Florida.

This is something to always watch and make note on before flying over there next year.


3 thoughts on “Volcano near Kagoshima erupts

  1. It’s definitely a geologically… interesting… area. Great forces of nature at work. Our son has been reading about it all and is a little worried. I’ll show him your post when he gets home from school, but I’ll be sure to point out how far away this is from where we plan to visit!

  2. The entire island chain sits on active plates that cause the insane earthquakes and volcanoes. I guess the good thing is for Tokyo is that it’s designed to withstand those kind of forces. I’m glad no one is hurt in Kagoshim and that its far away from Tokyo.

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