Elisha Aerated Water (Lychee flavor), what have I missed out on?

Ok, so this drink is not Japanese.  In fact, it is made in Singapore, but the Elisha Aerated water (Lychee Flavor) drink is incredible.  I stopped by my local Asian market here in Riverview, FL and was browsing around and saw the drink.  I am always looking for odd drinks or foods to try out, taking me out of my element and this one caught my eye.

The bottling was the first item that caught me up.  It had a plastic bottle for its base, but the top of it was something like any normal soda or beer can.  It was very change.  Then the type of flavoring, lychee, was strange to me.  From what I have read about lychee, it is a fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia and China and has a mild yet sweet flavor.  It is something I have never tasted or even knew about.

I just wanted to throw this short post out there because it was something different.  If there are any drinks, sodas, or such that are from Japan that are well known over there and different, please let me know.  Would love to try some out before heading over there.


2 thoughts on “Elisha Aerated Water (Lychee flavor), what have I missed out on?

  1. I’ve tried lychee drinks… but I’ve never seen that one. You’ll have me looking out for it now. You say it’s made here?

  2. On the bottle it was labeled made in Singapore, although it could have been produced in China. I have never heard of lychee before, shows how much I know!

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