Pocky, the great unknown snack food

There are a lot of bizarre foods that I will discover in Japan, but one that has made its way over here is Pocky.  Many don’t know what it is, but for those who do, it’s incredible stuff.

Pocky is pretty much just a biscuit-like stick that is dipped in chocolate or strawberry, but there are more flavors than that.  It is a delicious treat that comes cheap, but is hard to find here in the states.  I know a small Asian market down the road from my house that carries it sometimes and I often pick up a few boxes when they do.  I know the store at Epcot, Mitsukoshi, which is a major department store in Japan, carries it as well but it often costs a lot more than normal (thanks Disney).

Check out this great ad (although old) like the Kirin beer commercials, it’s another great marketing tool by their company.


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