Final thoughts on moving Japan trip to 2015

At the end of the day, I’m still depressed that Tokyo is not happening this year.  A lot of hours of reading, studying, and research went into preparing for it and all just to be pushed back because of finances. In the end life happens and I have to move on with what has gone on with my bank account.

It almost feels like a preparing to watch your favorite sports team play in a big game and then its blacked out in your viewing area.  All that time preparing and planning to enjoy the big game only to have it taken away and your left standing there wondering what just happened.

The two positives going forward are the loads of information I have already.  Starting the planning for 2015 has a head start and won’t take as much time to research and study on.  The second part with the extra time is the time to brush up on my Japanese (as well as save up a few extra bucks for more on the trip).  I won’t lie, my Japanese is limited at best and navigating a subway probably would have been an adventure in a half.  So having time will allow me to study more and get even more prepared.  I’ll talk more about the language learning later!

Minor setback for a major comeback.


2 thoughts on “Final thoughts on moving Japan trip to 2015

  1. I definitely want to be able to at least talk to the locals, ask questions, and just be able to hold a conversation and not stick out like a silly tourist.

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