Crazy Cafe + Chicken Katsu = Awesome

I’ve talked before about this little Japanese restaurant in Riverview, Florida called Crazy Cafe and how great they are.  From hibachi, sushi, sake, Kirin beer and more, they are a small gem in the area that has never produced a bad meal. Tonight I decided to get the chicken katsu and I’m typing this with a stomach about to burst because it was so good!

The chicken was perfect, not too much breading like it should be, the salad (ginger dressing), the vegetables, and the steamed rice all were perfect. This was a huge meal that forced me to get a to-go bag and while I usually finish a meal, having more of this perfection tomorrow is even better.  I will promote this place again and again for those in Tampa or visiting, make your way down I-75 a bit and get off on 301 and make a stop here at Crazy Cafe, you won’t be disappointed, you have my word.


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