Which cities to visit in Japan?

Is Osaka a city worth visiting?

Tokyo is the big city that I think of when it comes to Japan and many follow along.  Kyoto is another city that jumps to the front of the mind when thinking of cities in Japan, but what are some others that are great travel destinations?

Cities like Osaka, Kobe, Sakura, Hakone, etc. all pop up on the list on major sites like Trip Advisor, but I rather turn it to the internet and bloggers that have been there and get their take. Are these cities worth visiting and are there other cities that are even better? Any information on them would be great and helpful in planning 2015.  Please educate me on the great cities around Japan.  I want this 2015 trip to be a big one so a two or even three city stop is in the works.


4 thoughts on “Which cities to visit in Japan?

  1. And I would like to see some of the countryside of Japan. To me I think Kyoto would be the slower pace and closer to the country than Tokyo would be, so I’m debating whether Osaka/Kyoto or Tokyo would be the best.

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