When to go to Japan?

As much as I would love to see Japan during the cherry blossoms, work and life in general won’t allow it.

I’ve talked before in previous blogs about how many days I would spend in Japan, but since a long break in the blog,  I decided to revisit the subject matter.  The month of May continues to be the better month for me to visit Japan and here are some reasons. [Continue reading after the jump]Japan has its seasons just like the United States does and it makes it tricky to pick the best time.  For me, the added aspect of work and family limits times I can travel and get away for an extended vacation. December is a bad month with Christmas and family, but frankly, its winter in Japan and I rather not play in the snow (I’m a Florida boy, deal with it).  October and Thanksgiving with work are so bad with obligations to family and the job that pays the bills.  April is off limits, which takes away the chances at Sakura (cherry blossoms) but to be honest, if I can avoid the busy times of travel in Japan and get cheaper prices, I’ll take it. Then there is the rainy season in June, July, and August and and I rather not be rained out and stuck in a hotel for days because of bad weather.

So what month seems to be the best choice for me? It would be late May, between the 17th and the 24th.  It is before the rainy season, weather is mild, after the Sakura festivals so less crowded and won’t interfere with work or family.  Overall, May seems to be the winner? Am I missing something? Anyone who has traveled to Japan during this time I would love to hear what you can add to it to help educate me!


One thought on “When to go to Japan?

  1. We’re going in March. I think life tends to lock you in a bit and you can always make the best of it. May I’ve heard can be the tail end of the blossoms if you go north enough. Likewise, February is the beginning if you go south enough. But each season has its offering.

    I did hear that summer is pretty crowded in terms of domestic tourism, though – making it harder to book things.

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