Kakashi Sensei!

Part of the trip to Japan is to experience the Japanese culture and a large part of it is anime. Anime, which animation (thus anime) either in TV or in comics. Japanese anime ranges from the funny, to the extreme, to the weird (won’t get into that!). One of my favorite animes growing up with Naruto and my favorite character Kakashi. Naruto (popular Japanse manga series that went into the TV show) is based on a young, super-energetic ninja named Naruto and his journey to being a full ninja and all of the plots and twists to come along the way. His teacher (sensei) is Kakashi, one of the most powerful ninjas and also one of the funniest. From his funny games he pulls on Naruto, to him reading his “book” during missions, all take away from how skilled he is. He is my favorite from that series. If you’ve ever read Naruto, what is your favorite character from the series?


2 thoughts on “Kakashi Sensei!

  1. Well, my favorite characters for third place would be Orochimaru and Deidara. Second has got to be Konan and the third mizukage. Lastly, my favorite would have to be the second Hokage, Tobirama.

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