Ukraine and Russia, how it affects Japan

Russia recently sent a large portion of its military into the Crimea region after the citizens of Ukraine ousted their former prime minister. Ukraine had rejected a deal with the EU, instead wanting to side more with Vladimir Putin and Russia, angering its citizens and sending them to the streets in protest. Things got ugly, lives were lost, and Russia, wanting to protect its citizens, bases, and stability in the area (there words, not mine) sent in the troops. At this stage, Russia hasn’t fired a shot but they aren’t leaving while the West, the United States, and power in Kiev want the Russians gone.

So what does all this mess mean for Japan? It presents a very interesting time for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. On one hand, Japan and Abe have wanted to work on strengthening ties between the two nations for better trade. As Russia continues to pump out oil, Japan’s dependence on importing only grows, making it very important for the two sides to have strong economic ties. Yet on the other hand, Japan is a standing member of the G7 and UN, siding with the Western nations who are completely against the actions that Russia and Putin have taken in the Ukraine, putting the Japanese government in an interesting situation.

This is an interesting spot for Japan to be in, both on humanitarian side of things and on the economic side of things. For now, Japan’s economic ties with Russia remain intact.  As long as Russia doesn’t not intensify their military actions and the G7 and Western nations continue to condemn Putin’s actions, Japan might be alright economically down the road.

So what are your thoughts on what it means for Japan? I’m interested in getting other peoples take on it.


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