Revisiting the company on the trip dilemma

Two years ago, my friend and I had planned on the trip together but a little thing in his life, called marriage, has taken over and financially strapped him.  Then my sister thought about coming along, but with her moving from Houston to Atlanta and her two kids, it wasn’t feasible to happen (if the trip even did happen) and looking down the road, probably won’t happen in the future just because of her schedule. So I’m right back where I started, is anyone coming with me or am I doing this trip solo like I planned before? [keep reading after the jump]During the planning phase for 2014, I had already planned to travel solo with my sister on the fence, not knowing if her schedule would allow for a trip this far and for the length of time it would require.  After she told me she wouldn’t be able to make the trip, it wasn’t a setback for myself, having prepared for a solo trip. But it also kind of stunk a bit. While a solo trip would have been fine, having some company would have been great.

But now with the trip being so far out now and time on my side, I wouldn’t mind someone coming along, especially if they loved Japan, spoke the language better than me, and wanted to see this great country. It would also be great to have someone to share experiences with, laugh with, and help navigate with in a foreign country. Its not a trip for everyone, both for the country I’m heading to, but also the price tag. A week or more for Japan will hit the wallet for well over $3000, so not everyone can do it.

Right now, I’m not sure I know anyone that could go with me (either they wanted to or could afford to), but still lots of time to figure it out. If you are interested in joining me in a trip to Japan, talk to me!


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