3 years since Japan tsunami

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The term “time flies” is used so often, but thinking it has been 3 years since that deadly tsunami hit Japan, makes the term very real. It’s now been 3 years to the day since that tsunami hit and claimed over 19,000 lives in Japan. The tsunami displaced thousands, triggered the Fukushima reactor disaster, and has cost Japan billions in the recovery process.

I remember waking up on that day, hoping on twitter and seeing the first tweet on my timeline from former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson (aka, Ocho Cinco). It simply said “pray for Japan.” Johnson tweets out some strange things but this one made me wonder what he was talking about, then my timeline updated with the reports and my heart sank. Seeing the video, the images, and just watching the horror unfold made me sick. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what those people were going through and still continue to go through today. Hopefully time will heal the wounds, but the scars will always remain.


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