Search for Malayasia Airline Flight 370 Continues

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Its been 4 days since anyone last saw or had contact with Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and parts of the mystery continue to develop while the search continues.

The two stolen passports mystery seems to be solved as Interpol and other groups discovered they were given to two Iranian nationals that appear to part of human smuggling, attempting to make there way to other countries to reside in. How they got the passports and the mysterious man, Mr. Ali, who arranged the payment for the tickets, continues to confuse authorities, but they continue their hunt. Many (from CNN reports) believe the two people were not part of an terrorist organization, but it can never be ruled out at the end of the day.

The latest report, confirmed by Reuters, says that the Malaysian military was able to track what they believe was the missing 370 flight as it headed towards the Strait of Malacca. This would be in the complete opposite direction of where they are searching and would hint that the plane could have been trying to return to the airport. The report, which is being investigated, also stated that the plane lowered its altitude. It doesn’t explain however how they transponder for the plane, which is also transmitting, was switched off and why again the plane went missing from the radar screens. One other key to me from this report is the Strait of Malacca part of it. It is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Why hasn’t anything been spotted or reported? The facts just don’t add up to me at this stage.

I hope they find the plane. The grief and agony the families are feeling right now can’t be described, just not having any answer to where their loved ones are. The crews will continue their search and with the Chinese government pushing for more resources to be used, they will only strengthen their search.



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