Every airline should do this!

I’m not the only one that gets annoyed when people boarding a plane try to put their entire luggage set into the overhead bins. A carry-on is a carry-on for a reason!

When you get on an airplane, you find your seat, put your bag in the overhead bin or under your seat, buckle up and get ready to leave.  However, it always seems there are a few people that don’t understand the size limitations of a carry up and bring their entire suitcase, hoping to find a spot for it. They go up at least 10 aisles looking for spot, jam their oversized bag into the limited space, taking up space for the people that will sitting there, and then force the attendant to figure out how to shut the storage bin. Meanwhile, people are standing and waiting for the genius to get their bag put away, causing the people still in the terminal to wait even longer. Well, it seems at least one airline is doing something about this. A report in the LA Times came out that United Airlines is sending out reminders to passengers about the size restrictions for carry-on bags and will be setting up models to show people the size luggage they can take on board. They are also going to start charging $25 to passengers that have to check a bag. When I read this, I pumped my fist in celebration! There have been times when I’m in my seat, buckled up and ready to go and there is some person with a duffle bag trying to jam it into the overhead bin, usually right above me. Then they have to make there way up 10 more rows to their seats, wasting more time. Then when the plane lands, the genius has to make their way back to get their bag, usually nearly dropping it on someone, forcing me to sit in those comfortable coach seats for even longer.

I’m not a big fan of checking a bag and the prices that are charged, but its worth it. Seeing how annoying and selfish people are with their bags makes me glad I do it the old fashioned way. It often takes longer to wait for the bag, but at least I know I could get my bag there and not injure someone or take up more time. I hope more airlines follow suit and I hope people wouldn’t be as selfish with their bags. I always take a back-pack, no need for an entire suitcase set when flying!


2 thoughts on “Every airline should do this!

  1. YES. God, I hate the overhead-bin jagoffs. It turns every de-planing into an endless wait while objects fall on your head. Check your freakin’ bags, people. The airlines don’t lose them all that often.

  2. Agreed! I’ve been waiting in line for such long times for people to pack their entire life into the bins while I have just a backpack. I’m glad United is at least doing something to stop people from being selfish and stupid. Just check your bag and sit down, got places to go haha.

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