Earthquake rocks Japan, no damage reported

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Japan sits in the ring of fire in the Pacific and earthquakes are common place. After acknowledging the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami 3-year anniversary just a few days ago, a powerful earthquake has struck Japan again.  This time it was center towards Hiroshima, hitting 6.1 on the Richter scale. There is no threat of a tsunami officials have said and reports of damage are not being reported, although I’m sure some people were woken up by this monster. Hopefully everyone in that part of Japan is safe and hopefully no major damage is reported in the coming days. Scary stuff!

2 thoughts on “Earthquake rocks Japan, no damage reported

  1. Japan is right on the ring of fire so its normal for them, but after Fukushima, they are always on edge. 6.1 is a strong earthquake, glad you weren’t affected by it and it seems no one in that area or in Tokyo were affected either.

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