The mystery continues to Malaysian Airline 370

After days and days of searching, bad leads, crazy theories and the efforts of hundreds to find the missing airline, the search may have taken a new turn. According to CNN, Huffington Post, and other large news sites, they have reports from officials with the Pentagon and other high ranking places that leads them to believe the plane could have flow towards and over the Indian Ocean.  Insane, right?

The reports have said the plane may have turned off its transponders were turned off, one right after another, hinting at it was done with some intent (at least people are speculating). There may be pings from the plane’s engines that were picked up by satellites and the possibility the plane could have flown for another several hours is all possible. It is not clear where it was headed, what the purpose was, or even if it was human controlled or a very strange set of circumstances. There are a lot of theories, a lot talking media heads, but at the end of the day, no plane yet.

It is not clear where all these reports are leading towards, but it has sent a US missile-guided destroyer, the USS Kidd, to head to the Indian Ocean to begin searching in that area, so there might be something to all these confusing and tangling web of reports out there.

I hope and continue to follow one of the strangest stories in recent memory that they are able to find this plane and help bring some kind of closure to all the families that have been affected by this event.

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