My thoughts on Malaysian Airlines flight 370

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Today, Malaysian Airlines and the Malaysian government announced with new data and satellite images, they confirmed that flight 370, which has been missing for 16 days, crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean. They concluded that the plane, which was last tracked (to some degree) was out over this wide expanse of water with no possible landing spot nearby.

For two weeks, 26 nations have been looking for this mysterious plane and it seems they have concluded it went down somewhere into the ocean. While there is no physical evidence yet, planes continue to spot debris from the air and ships are moving in. I hope they are able to find some evidence, even a seat cushion, anything from that flight, to bring more closure.

This entire investigation has been one big mess from the start and the families of the victims of this flight have suffered. Even today with the word that the plane was declared crashed into the ocean, families received a text message from the airline company. A text? Really, that’s the best they can do? It’s a trying time and a very emotional time for these families, but a text message to family members that were not in the hotel at the time hurts a little bit. It is hard to reach all family members, but this didn’t look great for the airline at the time.

I hope they continue to hunt for evidence, find some sort of the plane, and try to find some kind of an answer. They first need to find a part of the plane before moving forward and perhaps that will come in the next few days. My condolences to those families and everyone that has been affected by this horrible tragedy.


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