Full trip to Kyoto not the primary option

Just like I’m getting the blog fired back up, I’m getting the travel research fired back up as well. In the past month, the idea of making the trip into a full stay in Kyoto or a full stay in Osaka, with a side trip to Tokyo, has crossed my mind. [more after the jump]

However, after some thinking, the full trip to Kyoto is not going to be the best option and has been pushed back on the depth chart.Kyoto (from all I’ve read and seen) seems to be an amazing city mixing the old with the new. However, a full trip (9 days) isn’t going to work well. To make a trip to Kyoto work, I would have to fly into Osaka then take a separate train ride, about an hour ride, to get to Kyoto. I would be passing up another major city I am thinking about, Osaka, and leaving it behind. There is also the issue of jet lag and navigating after be on a plane for so long. I’m not sure how easy it is to get from Osaka to Kyoto, so it could be an issue for someone that is a little sleepy. Of course, Tokyo is about an hour outside of Narita, posing the same problem. However, it seems the methods of getting from Narita to Tokyo are more abundant and more tourist friendly than the options from Osaka to Kyoto.

I could be looking at this from the wrong way, but right now the battle between the two cities I will be staying for the majority of my trip will either be Osaka or Tokyo (that post is coming soon).

Right now, Kyoto isn’t the main idea for trip but could still be an option for a side trip. It will all depend on the price of course!


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