72 years later, Japanese man walks at high school graduation

I was browsing through some articles on Huffington Post and came across this ONE. It’s the story about a Japanese man walking across the stage at a high school graduation, 72 years after he received his diploma.  Continue reading


Japan and travel information coming

I’ve gotten the blog back up and somewhat running (I need to post more, I get that) and the first few blogs have been about the Tampa Bay Rays and then about the World Cup. Not exactly about travel and Japan.

The primary goal of this blog is to document my eventual trip to Japan but I also want it to be a little about me. I like to rant and talk about sports, Tampa, personal stuff in my life, and anything that catches my attention. So while the blog hasn’t had anything new on Japan in quite some time, it is coming, I promise.

A lot of change is coming in my life. Work is changing, I’m beginning to think and research moving into my own place, and the day to day challenges are always there. So thank you for reading and following along. I appreciate, I really do. Japan stuff is coming and there could be a major shift in the trip planning.