I’ve missed blogging

I’ve been gone for way too long and for that I’m sorry to those who use to ready my blog. I truly enjoy writing and interacting with people from all walks of life and around the world, but it’s been a challenge for me to do something that I enjoy. Sound strange? Well, allow me to explain.

So your probably wondering, if he loves writing so much what stopped him from doing it? Well, its been a little thing called life. Between long work hours, just to unwind at night when I get home, and constant ideas and stress on my mind 24/7, its hard to sit down and write something.

Like many, I spend the majority of the day sitting in front of a computer for work. While it beats working outside in the Florida heat all day, it does lead to a great sense of fatigue, especially for my eyes. Most nights, the last thing I want to do is to sit down, open up my computer, and start writing and starring at a screen again. It’s a lousy excuse, but its how I feel most nights.

Aside from work, my mind has been stressed out. I’m beginning to think and plan for the future more, planning for my own apartment which is down the road and all that is involved in that. Then of course there is the 1000 lb. gorilla in the room, the trip to Japan. I haven’t done any work in months on it, its simply been another thing I need to get done in the back of my mind. I want it to happen, it needs to happen, but it seems further than before (I’ll share more on that).

So I have told myself I need to get back into blogging. Its something I enjoy, helps me vent out the constant stream of thoughts floating in my head, and brings me some joy. I’ll have a lot more to come, stayed tuned and thanks for following along.

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