Major shift in Japan trip timing?

As I mentioned before, a lot of things are coming this way on the blog. It is all due to some major shifts in my life (more on that will come) and one of the shifts is the Japan trip itself. 

The trip was suppose to happen this year, but thanks to major repairs to my car, the funds were just not there. It hurt, but I had to get over it and be grateful the funds where there to get the car back on the road in the first place.

The blow hurt and pushed everything back and now with some changes I may have to adjust the trip in general. For a while, I have been planning on May for the trip, but now with a lot of upcoming costs (I keep saying it, but more information is coming on that level soon). But with the financial costs looming now, I’ve thinking about adjusting the entire trip schedule…all the way to November!

It is an idea I have floating around in my head and will have to do a lot more research and will have another post explaining the reason and thought process behind it. But, yeah, it’s an idea. Ever traveled to Japan during November? Is it super cold? If you know, please share!

2 thoughts on “Major shift in Japan trip timing?

  1. I tend to like colder weather, which is odd for a Florida boy and the temperatures don’t sound too brutal. I just think seeing the changing colors of the leaves would just be an added bonus.

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