Sweltering temperatures hurting Japan

There was a report today on Yahoo about the heat wave that has been hitting Japan during the summer months. Thousands have been sent to the hospital for heat related issues and 15 in the past week have lost their lives. Temperatures are at 95 degree Fahrenheit, numbers that are above normal for Japan. Continue reading

MH 17 continues to anger me

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What is going on! Its been days since flight MH 17 went down over Eastern Ukraine it was shot down, killing 298 people instantly. Still there are bodies on the ground, bodies being kept in trains or other places, and the rebels (per reports) are not allowing investigators to come and do their job. What is going on?  Continue reading

Quick thoughts on MH17

Tragedy. Yesterday, 298 people were killed when a missile took down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on its way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. In an instant 298 lives were lost because of some group, whether it be the Ukraine military or pro-Russian separatists, decided to take down a plane thinking it was the others’ military plane or simply to make a gruesome statement for either side. While the media and investigators will begin their work to determine who was responsible (going to be a political mess) my heart goes out to the 298 people that were senselessly killed. A plane that had nothing to do with the crisis in Ukraine, a plane full of people probably headed for vacation or just simply living their lives, was shot down for no reason. It’s senseless and it both angers me and saddens me. The two sides in Ukraine are killing each other and they stick to that, but no, instead they took innocent lives that had nothing to do with their conflict. Now investigators will have to go through all sorts of political hurdles and risk their lives just trying to complete their works and try to bring whatever closure to the families. Another sad part will probably be the excuses of humans that fired off the missile will probably never be brought to jealous because they will drift into the shuffle and the 298 will never have full justice they deserve.

Powerful typhoon approaches Okinawa

The people of Okinawa are bracing themselves as typhoon Neoguri approaches them with devastating force. The storm is expected to reach Okinawa early Tuesday morning with sustained winds at 123 mphs and wind gusts ranging up to 168 mph. Along with the powerful winds and rain are the rising sea levels that come with the storm that could reach as high as 46 feet out at sea.

The storm is expected to hit the island of Kyushu before hitting Honshu. The major risk of flooding and landslides could happen all over the country and warnings and alerts are high all across the islands. While Japan, like most countries in that region are prepared for storms like this, they can never let their guard down.

Having lived in Florida back in 2004 when the state was rocked by 3 hurricanes, I know how bad these kinds of storms can be (at least some sense). This typhoon is a big one and the winds, rain, and flooding that it can bring cannot be underestimated. Florida survived the storms and my family was safe, but days without power followed by intense heat, roads shut down by downed trees, and a battle for just running water and warm food, the days following a big storm can even be worse than the storm itself. I pray that the storm doesn’t directly impact any of the islands and those who are hit are able to recover quickly without great loss. This is one beast of a storm.

Japan makes shift in its military policy

The shift in Japanese military policy is drawing some attention from the neighbors.

The Japanese military made a major shift in its policy and has drawn a lot of opposition in doing so. The military made a reinterpretation of the constitution’s Article 9, which permits military force only to resolve conflicts in cases of self-defense. The new policy will now allow the military to defend allies that are under attack. This means if a US ship was under attack, the Japanese would be able to step in and provide aid for it. While the US is probably happy about this shift, the rest of the Asian countries are not as thrilled. Continue reading