Quick thoughts on MH17

Tragedy. Yesterday, 298 people were killed when a missile took down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on its way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. In an instant 298 lives were lost because of some group, whether it be the Ukraine military or pro-Russian separatists, decided to take down a plane thinking it was the others’ military plane or simply to make a gruesome statement for either side. While the media and investigators will begin their work to determine who was responsible (going to be a political mess) my heart goes out to the 298 people that were senselessly killed. A plane that had nothing to do with the crisis in Ukraine, a plane full of people probably headed for vacation or just simply living their lives, was shot down for no reason. It’s senseless and it both angers me and saddens me. The two sides in Ukraine are killing each other and they stick to that, but no, instead they took innocent lives that had nothing to do with their conflict. Now investigators will have to go through all sorts of political hurdles and risk their lives just trying to complete their works and try to bring whatever closure to the families. Another sad part will probably be the excuses of humans that fired off the missile will probably never be brought to jealous because they will drift into the shuffle and the 298 will never have full justice they deserve.


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