MH 17 continues to anger me

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What is going on! Its been days since flight MH 17 went down over Eastern Ukraine it was shot down, killing 298 people instantly. Still there are bodies on the ground, bodies being kept in trains or other places, and the rebels (per reports) are not allowing investigators to come and do their job. What is going on? 

Stop it, what the hell is going on out there? Here we have a plane, a massive passenger jet that was full of people that were just trying to live their lives before they were all taken away from a missile. I’m not getting into who shot it (we all know at this stage who is responsible), but more about how everything is being handled on the ground with these so called rebels.

298 families now are wondering what is going on and so am I. There are still bodies on the ground, bodies being kept in train cars, and no resolution in sight as politics continue to get in the way of a simple investigation. I said it from the beginning that the politics of this war between the Ukraine, the rebels, Russia, US, and everyone else would get in the way and here we are. This investigation should be underway, the bodies should be identified and being moved to proper facilities, and the black boxes should be under investigation. Guess what, they aren’t.

Why is this happening? Listen, when MH 370 went missing it was awful and still is. Families had nothing to bury, there were no answers and are still none. Enter MH 17. There is a crash site, there are bodies, and yet because of bickering countries and stupid people, no families are able to lay their loved ones to rest. Hell, the investigation can’t even get underway because some assholes are walking around with AKs and won’t allow anyone to get it done as governments point fingers and fail to get anything done. This is a crime and there is no excuse at all right now. The governments need to get it done, right now. Ukraine, US, Russia and these awful rebels that are probably holding it up need to get over themselves, get over politics, and be human. They need to get the bodies out and get them back to their loved ones, ASAP!

This whole thing is awful and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Humans can be pretty awful creatures and we are seeing it right before our eyes.


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