Sweltering temperatures hurting Japan

There was a report today on Yahoo about the heat wave that has been hitting Japan during the summer months. Thousands have been sent to the hospital for heat related issues and 15 in the past week have lost their lives. Temperatures are at 95 degree Fahrenheit, numbers that are above normal for Japan.

Temperatures have been unusually high for Japan, even for their summer months and its taking its toll on people, especially elderly (Japan’s population is very old to begin with). In the large cities, many of the businesses and buildings would have AC. But I imagine a lot of the smaller towns away from Tokyo and Osaka do not have AC as much and therefore, people are at the mercy of the crazy weather.

Living here in Florida, I’m pretty use to the high temperatures year round. Just yesterday, temperatures in Tampa were in the 90s and with the high humidity that consumes us year round, the heat index was roughly 102 degrees! While its a high number, Floridians are very used to it, in fact, we plan our entire days around the heat, the afternoon thunderstorms, and the humidity that feels like weight on the shoulders and soaks the clothing just after stepping outside the door.

I hope Japan gets a break in their heat wave soon, hearing that many are being rushed to hospitals is a little alarming and also sad knowing they are probably elderly.


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