Japan creating a military space force?

I found this article today from Yahoo about the Japanese military wanting to establish a military force by 2019 that would monitor and protect satellites from space debris that are floating in orbit around the earth. 

While it sounds a little strange and a little crazy, it actually makes sense and could team up with the US to help protect their satellites as well. There is a lot of junk in orbit around the earth, from old satellites, to rockets, to just junk, all floating around and could be possible issues for satellites floating with them. Imagine a piece of random metal taking out a GPS satellite, that would anger a few people I’m sure.

Sources, according to Kyodo, would use telescopes and the science ministry, to find and locate possible dangers to satellites. The report really doesn’t mention how they would take out targets in space, but simply moving the satellite out of the way is probably the smartest and most logical think to do. Until they get Gundams, they will have to move objects out of the way.

One day, maybe.


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