How to figure Tokyo vs. Osaka

So as I said before a few blogs ago, I am still debating between Tokyo and Osaka. Both cities are amazing, both have their pros and cons and I’m still trying to figure out the winner of which city I’ll visit. So I’ve decided I’ll approach the decision (hello Lebron) at a different angle will create two lists of pros and cons of each city.

I’ll list out all the pros and cons for each city then put them side by side and see which one is the best deal and real winner. No matter which one I pick, I will be leaving something awesome out. If I pick Tokyo I’ll miss out on the temples and charm of Kyoto (along with Osaka). If I pick Osaka/Kyoto, I’ll miss out on Tokyo Tower, Akihabara, and other places like that. It won’t be easy and will probably take some time to map everything for both sides but it will be worth it. Let’s hope I make the right pick!


17 thoughts on “How to figure Tokyo vs. Osaka

  1. It’s an idea that I’ve thought about, but I’ll talk about my thoughts on time constraints and multi-cities later on. Thanks for reading!

  2. Haha, I don’t think I can go wrong with either. Do you happen to know how far Gunma-Ken is from Tokyo or how accessible it is for someone with limited Japanese?

  3. Well, they’re prefectures… so it depends on which part of Tokyo and which part of Gunma. But, more or less, two – three hours, give or take.
    Do you have relatives there that you’d meet? If not, there’s not much to see there … it’s very rural. Without Japanese language ability, it would be an adventure … but fun, I think. And the people are friendly … they’d help you.

  4. I’ll have to ask my grandmother which part she is from. Yes, she still has a few relatives over there, however, I’ve never met them. It would be very interesting to connect with them if it was doable.

  5. Yes, you definitely should meet your family in Japan. They would be very happy to see you and welcome you with the famous オモテナシ (Japanese hospitality)!

    My grandfather was from Italy…if I ever visited that country I would certainly want to see my Italian relatives!

  6. Kyoto looks like such an amazing city and its hard to turn away from. I want some modern as well, so would Osaka fulfill that?

  7. I’m sure it would be very interesting to meet them and I would be super nervous meeting family half a world away without knowing anything really about them. I’m working to get in touch with my grandmother to see where they are in Guma-Ken.

  8. >Fushimi Inari is the highlight – Tokyo has nothing comparable!

    Kyoto is famous for it’s numerous beautiful temples and shrines…and geisha (maiko). I’m not sure if I agree that that one is the best, though. But it is a nice one.

    I certainly don’t agree that Tokyo doesn’t anything comparable.

    >I want some modern as well, so would Osaka fulfill that?

    Yes, Osaka is a modern city. Nowhere is like Tokyo, though.

    Comparing Tokyo and Osaka is like comparing New York to Los Angeles. Similar because they’re in the same country / culture…but yet very different and unique.

    > I would be super nervous meeting family half a world away

    But they’re your family. I think you should.

  9. It’s a lot to think about and Inari is something that really intrigues me. Can you comment on Arashiyama and how big or how great it is?

    Yeah, both modern cities are great. I’m not a huge club/bar/big time scene, so it could be Osaka might be the best but like you said, Tokyo is something that is different.

  10. I’ve never seen that and will spend some time this coming weekend to read up on it. Its a truly amazing looking area and I find myself leaning to Kyoto/Osaka at this moment 🙂

  11. Yeah I think Osaka is a great alternate to Kyoto. You get the old and the new with both! Kyoto is around 1hr on bus from KIX Airport, so can be done as a day trip even if you stay in one city or the other in Kinki. If you choose Tokyo, then you can at least visit Fuji or Hakone, or even Jigokudani and Kamakura – so there’s a lot to choose in Kanto too!

  12. So many tough decisions, it is truly hard to pick just one. I wish my budget and time would allow me to get both cities in, but its a snowball’s chance that would happen.

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