TEPCO wants to start dumping groundwater into the ocean from Fukushima

It’s not talked a lot these days, but the issues at the crippled Fukushima power planet are still active and now TEPCO is attempting at step to dump groundwater into the Pacific ocean. TEPCO is making requests to the government to move forward with their plane to dump the water and this is a little alarming. 

Fukushima is still a major disaster and still a major issue that TEPCO and the Japanese government continue to work on. TEPCO (at least according to their reports) have been able to keep the contaminated ground water from leaking more into the ocean, but as the water continues to build up, there is no place to put it.

Their plan is to remove nearly all of the contaminants from the ground water they are pumping out (part of keeping the reactors cooled off) and then dumping the treated water into the ocean. While it sounds like a solid plan, they can’t remove everything from the water and some of the trace elements will still be in the water! No one is sure what will happen over time, but it can’t be good for the environment. Even the local fishermen won’t sign off on it but I wonder how long they will have a voice before the government moves them out of the area.

The water they dump will never be safe, but at the end of the day, TEPCO could be running out of options. I mean, they are already “freezing” the ground to avoid leaks and are doing what they can to contain the tainted water. The world is a very chaotic place with all of the wars and natural disasters going on, but this is one that can’t be forgotten about. I wish more powers like the US and other top officials and experts were moving faster on this and were at least telling the public more.


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