Kibune, Japan

This is an amazing picture from a small town outside of Kyoto, called Kibune. It is a small town in a forested valley north of Kyoto. It is famous for the Kibune Shrine which is the home of the god of water and rain and believed to be the protector of those at sea. In the picture is a Kawadoko, which is set up between June and September, typically over the Kamogawa River. The tables for the restaurants sit just inches above the fast flowing water. It’s it designed to help beat the summer heat but not only does it do that, it makes for one amazing scene. I can only imagine how cool that must be sitting over the water in the old city of Kibune, in the forest outside of Kyoto, enjoying a meal. Sounds pretty amazing to me.

If I decided on Osaka/Kyoto, this would be something to keep in mind!


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