5 things I learned while moving

During the moving process, I learned a few things. They were things that I was not expecting or planned ahead for, making the entire process easier. Here are the five biggest things I discovered during this big move.

Get all of the services lined up – Water/sewer, power, internet and cable, these are just some of the services you must get lined up before the moving date. The last thing you want on moving day is to walk into a new place and not have running water or working lights. You’ll have to set up accounts, pay deposits, and get people to come out to the apartment on moving day (makes setting up times tough) and even have movers or appliances scheduled for that day and they must be done ahead of time. It’s a lot of coordinating but it’s a must and just makes life easier on the big day.

Weather will effect you – Weather will always be a factor. I moved in September which means in Florida, its still boiling hot. Moving for two days, I sweated more than humanly possible. When you move, weather will be a determining factor. For example, if you are using a truck to transport items, you will need tarps and bungee cords because the rains will come at some point and make for an interesting drive to the new place. Plan ahead and have the right gear and you will be just fine.

You have more stuff than you think – As you pack, you will soon realize you have a lot more stuff than you ever thought. From the closet, under the bed, and in various room, the amount of stuff wrongs as the packing continues. I thought it would take a few trips to get it all moved for my move, but it took about 10 trips (using a car and a small truck) and a few days to get it all done. You will throw out a lot of old stuff, but in the process you will buy a lot of new stuff for the new places and it all adds up.

Get help – I was lucky to have a lot of extra help when I moved and you should do the same. Get someone with a truck or big SUV. If you get a rental truck, get some friends and offer them either cash or a 6-pack to help in the move. If you have the extra cash, then I would hire some professional movers to get the job done. It’s hard, heavy work and if its hot out, you will be hurting by late in the day. Even unpacking can be tough, so plan ahead and get some help when moving. It will save you a lot of time and strained muscles.

It will cost more than you expect – Budget away! Plan as best you can but at the end of the day, you will have unexpected costs that will sneak in and hit you in the wallet. For example, you move to the new place, now, can you find that can-opener? Little things like that, new items, and all of the fees for setting up utilities and even the hidden costs for an apartment (like a gate key, they will try to sneak that), always be prepared to shell out a little more money than you had planned for in the beginning.

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