The move is complete, sort of

This is sort of what my new apartment looks like right now. Organized chaos!

The big move is finally over! Over the past 3 days I have moved my entire room and life from my old townhouse to my new apartment. A lot of sweat, I mean a lot of sweat (thanks Florida) and strained muscles made it happen. So here we are, living the single life in the new apartment.

The move was tough and it was a lot of work to get it done, but it all worked out. I was blessed with my parents coming up with their truck to help move things and had a helping hand from my two friends. Everyone made it easier but it was still a lot of work and there is still more to go.

I’ve still got several boxes to go through, lots of empty boxes to tote to the trans compactor, a dryer that is still not hooked up properly, and have to balance my budget and sort out everything. It’s exhausting work and there doesn’t seem to be a break in the near future. All of the heavy moving is done, which is a good thing, but now the mental side of things are beginning to weigh on me. It’s all doable and the finances and paperwork are simple enough to write out, but I’m so tired! Just all of the moving pieces, coordinating, and all that it took has me drained. I would like to just curl up for a few days and just sleep to recover but that is not an option.

This weekend will be getting the dryer set up and cracking open the finances and getting it all sorted out (while watching football of course). It’s not a lot of fun but it has to get done. I promise to start posting more interesting topics and blogs real soon but this platform does allow me to vent a bit and its needed!


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