Final Fantasy 10, one of the best ever

Final Fantasy 10. I got into a chat with a friend the other day about classic video games, games that people never forget and for me, FFX is one of the best. FFX was one of the first RPGs that had characters with moving mouths, stunning CGIs, and a fantastic story line. The story of Tidus, Yuna, Auron, and the world of Spira became an obsession of mine as a kid and ate up hours of my evenings and weekends. The story itself is one I became infatuated with and still hold dear to this day. Even the ending (its sad if you’ve never played the game) had me teary eyed. Yes, I was near tears after the final credits began to roll. So who out there has played this game before?

I recently played through the game one more time and even though it was much easier this time around (I remember all the little secrets, so that helped). But still at the end, I was getting emotional at the end of the game. Seeing Tidus fade away into the clouds, it was still sad again. No matter, FFX is still one of the greatest games ever made and I’m beginning to FFX-2 now, one of the few games to ever continue a story line in the Final Fantasy series.

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