Happy birthday N64!

18 years ago, the Nintendo 64 went on sale in the US. This console, my first game console that I could call my very own, is one of the most beloved gaming systems of my generation. When it came out, it changed a lot. Now, games were 3D, there were long videos, and expansive worlds to explore including a new group of games that are still fond in my memories and others. The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, 007 Golden Eye, Cruising World, Starfox 64, Mario Cart 64, and the list goes on forever! Hours of my childhood were spent playing this iconic system and so many memories were created in the process. How to get full heart containers in Zelda, how to not pick up the Klobb in 007, or the secret short-cuts in Mario Cart, all of those memories are still in my mind.

So who else played the N64? What games do you remember from the system? I’d love to share stories and memories on this old but awesome system.

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