Mount Ontake erupts in Japan

During the weekend, Mount Ontake erupted in Japan, killing an estimated 36 people (that’s the count at this time) and sending hundreds fleeing in the wake of the eruption and falling ash.

The volcano, about 125 miles west of Tokyo, erupted on Saturday, killing the 36 people and forcing hikers and residents in the area to evacuate. Recovery efforts were called off yesterday and today due to the toxic gases in the area and the fear of another eruption that could happen at any point. There are still bodies to be recovered, but the crews simply can’t get to them at this stage. There are reports that there are still people trapped in the lodges on the mountain pass, making it even more critical for the crews to get up there. Mount Ontake, which has an elevation over 10,000 feet, is a popular hiking destination and the second most popular after Mt. Fuji.

Hopefully the rescue crews are able to safely recover the deceased and get anyone that is still trapped up there back to safety.


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