Powerful typhoon claims lives as it hits Japan

Typhoon Phanfone has made landfall in Japan, claiming two lives in the process and sending two more missing at sea. Two US airmen are still missing at this time as Typhoon Phanfone made landfall in Southern Japan, battering the coast with winds up 130 mph. 1 US airman was able to make it back to shore but another one was found dead. A surfer off the coast of Fujisawa was also killed as the storm continues to cause damage across all of Japan.

Flights are being grounded, thousands are being evacuated along the coast lines, and the threats of mudslides are on the rise and the rains continue. Japan has been hit a few times this year by these powerful storms, making life difficult for many and endangering thousands in the process.

Even though fall is coming, the powerful storms in the Pacific are still churning and hitting Japan once again. I hope no one else looses their lives during this storm and that they are able to recover quickly.


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