Relaunch of the blog is here

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted  continuously on here. My USF-only blog ( has continued to be active with my posts on everything happening on Fowler Avenue, but I have neglected this blog. This blog was originally designed to serve as my online journal for my eventual trip to Japan (more on that later), but as time has gone on, my drive to post just travel stuff for my trip has gone away. Now, I am looking to relaunch the blog in a very big way and doing something I have always wanted to do.

As mentioned before, this blog’s design was started as an online journal for the trip to Japan. It would serve as a place to vent, chat, and share experiences throughout the entire planning process and eventually through the trip itself. It started out with positive results, but as time went on and as the trip continued to get pushed back, my eagerness to post constantly fell off. Maybe it was the number of posts that made it almost like work. Maybe it was the trip being delayed so often that is just discouraged me to see the constant reminders. Whatever the case, the blog had fallen off a bit, but I want that to change. I want this blog to become something fun that I have always wanted to do. I want it to be a platform for me to talk about not only travel but about sports and the city I live in, Tampa.

So, what is the big change? Well, aside from updating tabs and finding a new template that I like, I will be changing the blog’s content coverage. I want to add more and do more with the blog. My true passion is sports, so starting in 2015, expect Tampa Bay Rays talk, Tampa Bay Buccaneers talk, USF, and other big stories not only here in Tampa, but around the country. For example, I might throw some thoughts on the national title game, or a big trade that happens in a sport. I want to express my opinions and have fun in the process. Yet as eager as I am to start this, I face an issue that needs to be resolved.

The blog will be adding a lot of sports talk but I want to be able to write about other topics as well. I still want to have the platform to talk about travel and Japan. I still would love a platform to talk about Tampa, stories in the news, and other big topics. Pretty much, I want to have an open platform for the blog but this is where I fear it would be too much for a single platform. I fear that someone reading the blog would be confused with a Rays, Bucs, travel, and Tampa posts all one after another. It would be a lot of content that would be all over the place and might be hard to navigate. Yet, on the other hand, I think it might work out just fine.

At the end of the day, its my blog. I’m not paid by anyone, its just a blog with my thoughts and topics I want to talk about. I’m not competing against anyone either, so I don’t have to talk about a certain team, player, topic, etc. all the time to reach a quota. I truly believe my blog should be what I want it to be. If someone finds its chaotic, the close button is right there on the tab. At least, its my thought about it all. I will do what I can to organize the blog to make it flow the best it can, but I don’t think I will be making concessions, its my blog, my rules.

So hope everyone enjoys what’s coming to the blog. I have some big plans and ideas for 2015, so I hope you follow along for the journey. I would love to get feedback on this overhaul idea, either good or bad. I always appreciate any feedback!


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