Japanese company unveils plans for underwater city

Japan is known for futuristic designs and ideas. Some are practical, while others are right out of a comic book. This design, however, is right out of science fiction. 

A Japanese company, Shimizu Corporation, unveiled plans for an underwater city called the “Ocean Spiral.” The company says the plans for the city could be built by 2035, although there are no plans at the moment to begin construction.

It’s quite an idea.


In the report (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/12/underwater-city-japan_n_6438832.html) the company says the city would be able to home around 5000 people. It would have sustainable food supplies with fisheries and would be able to recycle its own air, nearly two miles under the water’s surface. The design comes as ocean levels continue to rise and the fear that land and coastal areas could be at risk of sinking to the oceans in the years to come.

The design and images are both amazing and out there. While the company says its feasible to construct something like this, the costs and just pure scope of building it have to be huge. Then, who would want to live in a place like this? If there was one crack in the glass, I would be a little afraid! It’s an interesting concept to read about and maybe one day a company will make it happen. I just won’t be the first in line to go inside something like that.


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