The Walking Dead returns!

The second half of the Walking Dead Season 5 returns tonight at 8 PM and I couldn’t be more excited. The series is one of the most popular on all of TV and rightly so. Its a complex story that is more than just killing zombies!

The story line is very unique with the humans in the story being even scarier than the dead around them. From the Governor to Terminus, fans get to see what humans would do when pushed to the edge. Now as the series returns, we will be seeing Rick’s team at their limits once again with no where to turn now.

The group just saw Beth killed, one of the last people in the group that was still good natured and had not been turned dark by the world around her. Now they are on the outskirts of Atlanta with no shelter to hide behind and no direction to go. In the first half they traveled to Terminus, having a set path. Now, as seen in the short preview, they will be heading towards what looks like Virginia, Noah’s home. However, as the writers and actors have said, the second have will be exciting, dark, and will enter a new path for the series. Whatever it means, it will be exciting no matter what. So, are you ready for the series to return tonight?


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